Friday, October 24, 2014

Things I learned on a 4 day trip to Texas...

My little family recently took a short trip to Texas for a family wedding. And this is what I learned...

1. When carting your small child in the airport... Use a stroller or carrier. 
Miles looked like a ball rolling around on the moving sidewalks, and it is really hard to juggle luggage and a curious 1 year old.

2. In the hotel unplug your room phone, or your 1 year old will dial 9-1-1
Our hotel had an emergency button that went directly to 911... not only is it great to unplug it for that reason but also it doubles as a toy after its unplugged, after a good sanitize wipe down of course.

3. Snacks and movies on a tablet can save your life if your plane gets delayed
 I will live by this for the rest of my plane travels..

4. Wake your child up about 10 minutes before your plane descends
On our way home Miles was out cold and woke up right as we started to descend, he was so groggy I couldn't get him to drink or eat anything. I am assuming his ears started to hurt and he FREAKED out. So for the 20 minute descend he was screaming and nothing I did helped.  Sorry to anyone who was on that flight with us.

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