Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quick Project

I saw this necklace hanger  and I loved it so I tried it out myself....

Martha's version

My Version

I decorated my dowel by wrapping Washi Tape around it just for fun!
My s-hooks don't look at dainty as Martha's but that is really the only options at Lowes.
This project was quick, easy and pretty cheap to do.
Grand total for supplies at Lowes $6.73 (thats with tax)

dowel: .85
hooks: .95 (for 4 of them!)
S-Hooks: .37 a piece totaling $4.44
(I got 12 s-hooks you could do more or less, what ever you need)
I had the Washi tape laying around so that was free for me.

Anyways I could probably make 2 or these because the hooks at the end come in a package of 4, the dowel was long enough to make 2...maybe even 3.

I love how mine turned out and it keeps all my necklace from getting tangled, saving me a lot of time and headache! 

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